We also offer assistance and aid to Ukrainian citizens, foreign citizens and stateless persons during their stay on the territory of Ukraine, assistance with regards to reception into the citizenship of Ukraine, legal counselling on acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship, termination of Ukrainian citizenship, legal assistance in obtaining an employment permit in Ukraine etc.
We have at our disposal a group of specialists in international relations and high quality translators, who will be able to offer you the necessary information on particular region of the world and will also provide Translations of all levels of difficulty in the main world languages in virtually all linguistic topics.
In addition, our translators will always help you receive the necessary level of information you need, in the language that you speak and think in. 
InterLex Consulting means experience, flexible and unconventional methods tested in practice multiplied by reputation of our Partners – all for the achievement of common goal – maximum efficiency, best results and quality of legal services for the benefit of our clients.
For professional consulting services regarding legal issues, and to find solutions to your organizational or legal matters in the relevant country or jurisdiction, please visit our Consulting section.
Partnership with InterLex Consulting means representation and protection of your personal interests and interests of your company in virtually all issues and spheres of our cooperation on the territory of ex-USSR, Ukraine in particular, and beyond its borders.
Collaboration with InterLex Consulting means stability, dependability, professional and mutually beneficial approach and always the best results.
You can write us by e-mail addressing your requests as follows:
  • Who you are (your name)
  • Where (country of your residence)
  • What kind of assistance (legal, tax, organizational and legal etc.) you require
  • Additional contact information (telephone, fax, e-mail) to contact you
For any additional information please contact us by e-mail or telephone.