InterLex Consulting provides limited online consultations (see Questions and Answers);however, its main focus is providing professional legal Consulting in international law pertaining to specific organizational and legal tasks to be performed in the country or jurisdiction you have indicated.
With the help of its international legal network of Partners – legal firms, lawyers, and attorneys who practice all areas of law in virtually all countries and jurisdictions of the world, InterLex Consulting provides its Customers the following services:
  • analyzes your inquiry and formulates it precisely before relaying it to the Provider
  • finds a Provider to handle your inquiry who:
    • is located in the country of relevance to your inquiry
    • has skills and practical experience that closely match the subject of your inquiry
    • has sufficient financial and legal resources as well as sufficient organizational capabilities to handle your inquiry to the highest standards of quality
    • offers the optimal price
  • offers you the services of several Providers in particularly complex cases
  • coordinates and monitors the handling of your inquiry throughout the entire process from the moment it reaches InterLex Consulting to the moment you receive the final result.
In addition, InterLex Consulting:
  • may help respond to inquiries as necessary
  • may bear joint responsibility together with the service Provider for the quality of the result
  • accesses Partners wealth of experience to better assist Customers
  • may offer alternative ways of handling your inquiry
  • may act as an arbiter while the Provider is handling your inquiry
  • ensures honest settling of payments between the Customer and the Provider: receipt of payment by the Provider for the services rendered, and a high quality of services provided to the Customer
InterLex Consulting is also part of the international legal network of Partners and may provide organizational and legal services to its Customers directly.
The primary areas of international legal Consulting offered by InterLex Consulting are listed in the Services section of our site.
You can submit your inquiry in one of the working languages indicated on our site. It should be sent to InterLex Consulting either by email or through the form in the Consulting section.
InterLex Consulting also conducts free online consultations in the Questions and Answers
InterLex Consulting gives you proven flexible and unconventional approaches to handling organizational and legal tasks combined with the experience and reputation of our Partners.