International legal consulting is the area of legal services where a demand for quality translation services from both Ukrainian organizations and individuals as well as international businesses, firms and individual clients from other countries and jurisdictions of the world is increasingly high.
We are confident that Ukrainian state agencies and other organizations are amongst the potential clients, considering the expansion of international ties and the lack of well-qualified linguistic specialists.
Our experience has proved that in the field of professional language translation certain difficulties can arise over contractual issues that affect all parties concerned. The same is true for oral interpretation at meetings and negotiations, where the final outcomes may often depend on the quality of the interpretation. Therefore the selection and recruitment of the best qualified translators is a matter requiring a comprehensive and effective solution.
We aim to smooth out the contractual or quality control issues that can affect the smooth and effective running of crucial meetings or the preparation of important documents. Therefore the selection and recruitment of the best qualified translators is a matter we are well-placed to solve.
We provide, in particular, the following in the sphere of translation services:
We can also represent your interests to governmental bodies, and state agencies, providing certification/legalization both of documents to be used abroad, and international documents to be used in Ukraine.
If you need any translation and administrative support for your business in Ukraine, - which may be co-operation with an international partner, or a simple letter to a friend we will be delighted to assist you. You can count on us for oral interpretation, from meetings to telephone calls, as well.
Our co-operation is based on mutual respect and trust with our clients, as well as the high quality and professionalism of the translators.
Providing quality translation services to our clients as well as representing their interests is for InterLex Consulting a priority task: we aim to support our clients in helping them to establish and maintain their business and personal contacts.